Saturday 12 October

Day Trip to Oxford / 

Join our Day Trip to Oxford on Saturday 12 October!

About Oxford

Home of the worldwide famous University of Oxford, the Bodleian Library, the Radcliffe Camera (depicted on our OxfordHop logo!), the Bridge of Sighs, the Sheldonian Theatre, the Covered Market and countless monuments, historical buildings and attractions. Visit some of the sites used for the Harry Potter films and tour around one of the most iconic cities in England.

What's included:

  • Transport directly from Nottingham to Oxford and back to Nottingham

  • A printed OxfordHop guide with all the info that you need to explore the city

  • Our CityHop trip leader, who will be there to help and answer your questions

What's the schedule:

  • We will depart from Nottingham at 8.00am (see pick-up points section below)

  • 10.00am arrive Oxford

  • Time to explore Oxford!

  • 5.30pm departure from Oxford

  • 7.30pm arrive Nottingham. Right in time for you to get ready and go out!

The pick up points (choose one on the booking form):

  • 8.00am City Centre - Royal Theatre (Lay-by on South Sherwood Street opposite TGI Fridays) NG1 4DB

  • 8.05am Canning Circus Bus stop CC04 on Derby Road NG7 1LY

  • 8.10am Lenton – Next to The Savoy Cinema (Savoy Cinema Bus stop LE09 in front of Sainsbury's, on Derby Road) NG7 1QN

  • 8.15am University of Nottingham West Gate Bus stop UN23 on Woodside Road NG9 2RU

  • 8.25am Clifton Nottingham Trent Uni Bus Stop CL83 on Clifton Lane/A453)

Any questions?

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We look forward to travel with you soon!! :)

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